Over the Rainbow Bridge…

It’s been a couple weeks since we had to say goodbye to our boy Hank and I’m still fighting back tears thinking about him. Hank was more than a sweet companion. I swear that he had a human soul. He was like a child any time a thunderstorm came through and he would wake me up so that he wouldn’t have to sleep in the living room alone. (He refused to walk on the wood floors in the bedroom). And I’ve never met a dog who knew how to knock when he wanted to come inside. My heart breaks thinking about him and the toughest decision we ever had to make. But I have to keep reminding myself that he isn’t in pain anymore (#cancersucks) and he’s playing with his buddy Baron across the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss my writing buddy and my muse. He was an inspiration for so many of my manuscripts and his memory will live on in them.

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