Writing Weather

I know that the weather is a normal topic of conversation and if you were to ask anyone in Iowa about the weather right now… most would probably roll their eyes and tell you how sick they are of the snow! And the stay at home mothers are probably praying for decent weather so the kids can go back to school.

But the snow is not the weather that has been bothering me lately…

It’s the FOG! The NEVER-ENDING Brain Fog!

For the last three months have struggled to write anything and it has left me feeling pretty depressed!

I try to concentrate on the little victories – writing down three picture book ideas, keeping my daily planner up-to-date, and reading a few pages of a novel here and there, taking a shower…

And I have to remind myself that something BIGGER than my writing career is going on in my life right now…
My husband and I are expecting! Yes, the cause of the NEVER-ENDING brain fog is a whole lot of hormones! Even though it is frustrating to be lost in the fog, I’m extremely thankful and excited to be adding to our family. My daughter has become a little “interior designer” planning where the crib, changing table, highchair, etc. will go. And right now she doesn’t seem bothered with the fact she will have to share a room! As for my husband, he is getting excited too! (As long as I don’t mention the sleepless nights and diaper changes in our future!)

And for those of you wondering… I’ll go ahead and answer a few of the typical questions…

When are you due? August 2019

What are you having? Well it looked like an alien on the ultrasound but I’m told it is in fact a baby! And we are not finding out the gender…

Do you have names picked out? Yeah… but I’m not telling! Feel free to submit guesses!

How have you been feeling? Well, besides the daily a.m. teeth brushing=vomit inducing sessions and the aforementioned brain fog, I’ve been feeling okay.

Will you continue to work? Yes, of course. And I will continue to stumble through this fog and write, because the life of an aspiring author is not an easy one! Just ask J.K. Rowling – the first Harry Potter manuscript was rejected over a dozen times! Just imagine if she had given up!

(Originally posted February 18, 2019)

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