A Holiday Treat

The time has come for a holiday treat!

But I’m not talking about holiday cookies. (Thought I highly recommend Almond Cremes! They are my absolute favorite!)

I’m talking about Susanna Hill’s 9th Annual Holiday Contest! This year we were instructed to write a children’s holiday story about a Holiday Treat. And it must be 250 words or less.

It could be any kind of treat – making your favorite holiday cookies for grandma. Or an experience that is a treat – like driving through the annual holiday light display.

I spent several days writing and re-writing and I really hope you enjoy my story. But before I share my short story, I have a proposition for Susanna!

I LOVE these writing contests and I think it really helps get the creative juices flowing. So I am here to beg for more! How about a New Years Resolution Contest? Most writing experts say that a Main Character should resolve their own problem – so I propose a contest that challenges character resolutions. Maybe they must resolve the problem in the park, or with a special note? Maybe the MC should resolve his problem by using balloons in some way?

I know that these contests have grown in popularity (over 300 entries for the Halloweenie Contest!) and Susanna has mountains of things going on but maybe with a bit of convincing, we can get one more contest!?

Now, enough of me begging… you came here for a holiday treat. So, without further ado…


Charlie has a hat for every occasion.

He wears his fireman’s helmet when his kitty needs to be rescued.

“Hold on Fluffy! I’ll save you!”

He wears his super-fluffy stocking hat when he helps Dad scoop the sidewalk.

“Snowball fight!”

He wears his nursing cap when his mom doesn’t feel well.

“Hold still, this shot might sting a little.”

And Charlie wears his chef’s hat when his mom needs a snack.

“I made your favorite – Snowflake cookies!”

There has been A LOT of snacks and pretend shots!

Tomorrow Charlie gets to wear an EXTRA special hat. It’s the perfect hat for passing out presents.

But before the sun peeked through the curtains on Christmas morning…

“Time to go,” Grandma whispered.

Charlie rubbed the sleep from his eyes and shuffled to his wall of hats.

“You won’t need your Santa hat today,” Grandma said. “There is a more important hat waiting for you!”

Charlie wondered what his Grandma meant while they drove through the city streets. “What hat could be more important than Santa’s?” he wondered.

Charlie’s insides swirled as he walked through the revolving door with Grandma.

“Hey, buddy! I have someone special for you to meet. But first you will need this,” Dad said as he placed a cap on Charlie’s head. Charlie read the words on the cap…



It was time for Charlie to wear the most important hat of all!

“Don’t cry, Baby Sara. I’m your big brother and I’ll keep you safe!”

If you enjoyed the story (or even have thoughts of improvement) please leave me a comment! It is nice to know that others have read and enjoyed your story.

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